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Electric Vapourisers

100ML Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


100ML Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

In stock

This 100ML Aroma Diffuser, ultrasonic cool mist diffuser creates instant relaxing aromatherapy with essential oils and relaxing color changing LED lights.

Whisper-quiet with 2.4 MHZ advanced ultrasonic technology, without any interference with your work or sleep. Automatic shut off safety system when waterless protects the product from being burned out. This essential oil diffuser allows four working modes: continuous mist, 3 hours mist time pattern, lights only and mist only modes for your different choice.

This dffuser comes with multiple features in one, it can be used as an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and humidifier. This fragrances your surroundings healthily and effectively. Thanks to the advanced ultrasonic technology, essential oils can be completely used and discharged and allow it to naturally release its aroma therapeutic benefit. As no heat source is used, essential oils are not degraded or broken down.

Refresh your Air: With certain essential oils, it can refresh, sterilize and deodorize the air you breathe, which can help alleviate allergies/hay fever, asthma, cold & flu symptoms, eczema/psoriasis, emphysema, etc.

Create a better mood: 7 changing mood light is available that you can choose the color you like or let it changing by themselves to make your space romantic.

Easy to use: Simply remove the cover, fill the water tank with measuring cup from the top, add 2-3 drops of essential oil, and place the cover back onto the unit. Place the diffuser on an elevated surface and choose the mist settings or light color for your comfort.

Pack contains: 1 x Aroma Diffuser, Wall Charger, User Manual, Measuring Cup.

This essential oil diffuser allows four working modes: continuous mist, 3 hours mist time pattern, lights only and mist only modes for your different choice.

Size: Approx 15cm tall.

Aroma Stream & Pad (Electric Fragrancer)


In stock

With the Aroma Stream & Pad, Essential or Fragrance Oil is placed onto an absorbent pad and this is inserted into the bottom of the Aroma-Stream. Fan assisted airflow vapourises the oil, dispersing fragrance into the air. The Aroma-Stream is a clean, safe and effective method of dispensing aromas without using a hot ring or naked flame. Instead, a stream of air vapourises the essential oils keeping the fragrance pure until the oil is spent. This avoids heating the oil which may burn it, altering the fragrance and changing its properties. Because the Aroma-Stream doesn't use heat, it is safe to leave unattended, or whilst you sleep. This can be particularly useful with conventional cough and cold vapour remedies and for use in a child's bedroom. Also suitable for use at work or in the office. The Aroma Stream will fragrance a large room, good for nursing homes and hospitals.

Pyramid Ioniser


In stock

An attractive and stylish black pyramid style ioniser which helps to maintain pure, healthy mountain fresh air for all the family.

Billions of electrons are released by the ionising points. As they collide with air molecules, they release a cascade of healthy, refreshing ions which revitalise the air.
Designed to remove dust, pollen and cigarette smoke. Helps to alleviate asthma, hayfever and other respiratory problems. Reduces the incidence of headaches and migraine. Improves alertness and concentration. Extremely economical to run - less than 1p a week.

Dimensions: 115x115x83mm. Weight: 245g. Power usage: 0.3w. Health Benefits range: 5m. P>Cleaning range: 7m. Ion Density at 1m = 185,000/CC.

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