Goloka Gum Dammar Resin Incense Gum


Goloka Gum Dammar Resin Incense Gum

Goloka Gum Dammar Resin Incense supplied boxed in 50 gram sealed packets inside.

Gum Dammar resin gum , also known as cat-eye resin is a light milky colour resin which has a light lemony scent when it is burnt, will help to lift the spirits and brings light to the soul.

Goloka Incense Resins are a range of high quality incense gums made by this non-profit organization and giving 100% of its profits to charitable activities around Bangalore India.

To Use resin incense: Place a small amount onto your lit charcoal disc an enjoy this Gum Dammar scent.

  • Aroma: Gum Dammar has a light lemony scent.
  • Botanical Name: Shorea wiesneri.
  • Origin: India & East Africa.
  • Manufacturer: Goloka.
  • Pack Size: 50 Grams
  • Barcode: 8906051435711

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