Sensual Blend


Sensual Blend

Sensual blend can be added to 2 percent dilution to grapeseed oil or other suitable carrier oil of your choice, so it's then suitable for use for massage, as a body oil or as the basis for a bath blend. For the best absorption of a body oil apply it just after a bath or shower, when the skin is warm and just slightly moist. Using this essential oil blend when diluted as a body oil will not only create a relaxed sense of wellbeing but will replace the need for perfume, whilst at the same time nourishing and protecting your skin.

An ideal time to use the sensual blend would be in the early morning as a 'pick-me-up' bath oil. You can also take 10 minutes to soak in a warm bath before an evening of socializing, simply add a few more drops if you want to boost the benefits as you immerse yourself, feel the tensions and pressures soaking away. If you blot your skin dry afterwards, a fine film will be left to create a subtle, all over fragrance.

As one of the most effective way to use your blend and a very popular way to use a blend to create a sensual mood is to use a room fragrancer, but for this purpose don't use a blend that has been blended into a carrier oil as this will give a cooked smell when heated. Instead just add a few drops of sensual blend (neat) in water in an oil burner to create an atmosphere in your room.

Sensual blend contains the following essential oils:

Sweet Orange: Citrus sinensis
Ylang Ylang: Cananga odorata
Patchouli: Pogostemon patchouli
Neroli: Citrus aurantium var. amara

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