Siesta Blend


Siesta Blend

In hot countries, such as those around the Mediterranean, taking an afternoon siesta is completely normal. Retreating to the cool indoors after a relaxed lunch means conserving some energy during the hottest hours and working during cooler times of the day. Taking a two-hour siesta is less appropriate in a northern climate . But a nap of 20 to 30 minutes is a simple way to refresh energy levels and keep tension at bay.

If you find it difficult to nap during the day, make sure you set the scene to help you relax in every other way - then you will be more refreshed when you get active again. Make yourself comfortable in a chair and preferably support your legs and head, and use a rug or quilt for cosiness as body temperature drops when you relax. Or make a regular session in the afternoon for relaxing on the floor or meditating.

Get into the habit of using a special mix, such as Siesta Blend, so that smelling it helps to encourage pleasant drowsiness and the expectation of relaxation. Keep the Siesta Blend just for this time of day and use it in a burner or other form of fragrancing so you associate it with the half hour or so when you slow down and recoup your energy.

The aroma of cedarwood oil has overtones of languid afternoons.

This blend contains essential oils of: Sage, Petitgrain and Cedarwood.

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