Winter Warmer Blend


Winter Warmer Blend

Use essential oils during the colder months to improve the circulation, boost immunity, lift the spirits and bring warmth into your life.

When winter days are short and dark, summer can seem a long way away. Energy levels drop and, given the opportunity, many of us would be tempted to try a period of hibernation until light and warmth return. But with a little effort there are more realistic ways of overcoming a reluctance to face the grey, winter days.

The first priority is to boost your circulation, to warm cold hands and feet and give a sense of energy and vitality. Exercise is, of course, one of the best ways of boosting porr circulation and this can be supplemented by localized or general massage, warm baths, even warm compresses. Black Pepper essential oil from peppercorns can help improve circulation, these warming oils like black pepper and ginger can help to warm and loosen muscles ready for action and are useful to improving circulation. The property that these oils have in common is that they are rubefacient – meaning they are warm and increase the blood flow. This action is localized to the area where they are applied, so they are particularly helpful in the treatment of conditions such as stiff or aching muscles or cold hands and feet. This blend can also be used in a room fragrance oil burner.

This blend contains: Black Pepper, Cypress, Ginger and Niaouli.

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