Back Flow Incense Cones

Assorted Back Flow Incense Cones (Pack of 45)


Assorted Back Flow Incense Cones (Pack of 45)

Unfragranced Backflow incense cones, when burned allows the smoke to flow downwards into a specially made backflow incense cone burner, the smoke from the back flow cone will then flow down like a waterfall, this creates an unusual and beautiful effect.

Backflow incense cones have holes inside them, allowing the smoke to flow down, making them only suitable for use with a Backflow incense burner.

Each tub will contain about 45 assorted colours with instructions on how to use them.

Keep Backflow incense away from children and pets, and they must be used on a mat and a specially designed backflow incense holder for these types of incense cones. For best results: use indoors and with no drafts for best results.

Size: 2 x 1 cm

Please Note: These backflow incense cones have no fragrance. Most backflow burners also have a hole to insert and burn an incense stick or cone.

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