Clarity Blend


Clarity Blend

Aromatherapy isn't always about switching off, as this clarity blend proves. Essential oils can be used just as much to clear the mind and help with concentration.

A good time of day to use the clarity blend is first thing in the morning, and you can use the oil either in a quick, warm bath or in the shower. Apply the oil all over the body before stepping into the shower and inhale the fragrance to feel invigorated and alert. The clarity blend is supplied pure and neat like all our blends so a 2 percent dilution in grapeseed or sweet almond oil will be needed before use on the skin so you can use it for massage or as an all-over body oil or, perhaps, just on your arms so the fragrance wafts up as you go about your day. Avery effective way of using the blend is to put a few drops onto a tissue or on the inside of your wrists to inhale from time to time. Why not try the inhaler option and just take a few deep breaths, inhaling the clarity blend to clear your mind and help focus on your work. You can repeat the inhalation throughout the day whenever you feel bogged down or jaded.

The clarity blend can be used with a room fragrancer, just use a few drops in water in the small bowl of a burner to create a lively working environment.

Clarity blend contains the following essential oils:

Basil: Ocimum basilicum var. album
Sweet Orange: Citrus sinensis
Rosemary: Rosmarinus officinalis
Patchouli: Pogostemon patchouli

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