Detox Blend


Detox Blend

Give your health a pep up with essential oils that help the body's elimination processes.

The detox blend is as a neat 100% pure essential oil so will need to be diluted at 2% before use on the skin as an all-over body oil, for massage, or in the bath. If you wish, you can increase its strength in the bath by adding up to 8 drops more of pure essential oil(s) for every 5ml of diluted blend.

Try skin brushing before bathing or showering to stimulate the circulation and elimination of toxins through the skin. Do this with a dry natural brush, loofah or bath mitt and work over your body towards the heart, Then use the detox blend in the bath or shower, reserving some to apply to your body afterwards.

Alternatively, you may like to use the oil on areas such as your hips and thighs, where you feel there's a particular build up of waste matter in the form of cellulite. If you are trying to improve this kind of condition, it's necessary to use skin brushing and an application of oil to the affected parts at least once a day.

There are two points to be aware of when you look at the detox blend. First of all, although it's formulated mainly as a physical detox, the blend will also help to clear and refresh your mind. You can complement this action by the inhalation of other oils, such as frankincense and rose otto to detox the spirit and emotions, or basil and rosemary to clear the mind. Secondly, the inclusion of tea tree makes the blend particularly suitable for use after illness or when the immune system is under pressure, such as during periods of stress. The antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of tea tree are well decumented and the oil also helps stimulate the immune system.

Detox blend contains essential oils of:

Juniper berry: Juniperus communis
Lemon: Citrus limon
Rosemary: Rosmarinus officinalis
Tea Tree: Melaleuca alternifolia

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