Incense Resin - Charka Energy


Incense Resin - Charka Energy

Create an exotic and pleasant aroma in your home with our Charka Energy Resin Incense. This incense resin can be mixed with other types of resin incense from our range to make an unique and personal blend or just use it on its own and enjoy this beautiful resin incense on its own. Burning this type of resin incense will provide an amazingly mysterious, evocative, deep exotic fragrance and will make your home smell like the temples of India, churches, and ancient rites producing a pleasant sensory experience, the fragrance of burning resin incense changes our emotions, perception, and moods.

Burning Incense Resin: To use resin incense, light the charcoal disk and then place in your resin incense burner (hold the charcoal with metal tongs) when the charcoal lights, and self-ignites across the surface and starts to go grey around the edges, then add the resin. You can add sand to your incense burner to absorb the heat if required.

Our Charka Energy Incense Resin is sold in an aluminium tub, with a glass lid to keep your incense fresh.

Each Tub will contain 60 grams.

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