Jasmin Sambac, Pure Absolute & Precious Oil - 5ml


Jasmin Sambac, Pure Absolute & Precious Oil - 5ml

Species: Jasminum sambac

Origin: Ukraine

Perfume Note: Middle.

Extraction Process: The oil is extracted through enfleurage and is a very delicate and tricky operation needing very skilled workers.

Scent Description: Heady and strong oil. Jasmine sambac is a perfumers choice of the Jasmin oils. When diluted it is evocative and sophisticated.

General Description: Jasmin Sambac Absolute is often used in toiletries. The 'King of oils'. The Jasmin 'vine' grows up to 33 feet, has delicate green leaves and star-shaped fragrant white flowers. Reputed to be an aphrodisiac. Ideal for massage due to it's deep penetrating effect. Useful oil in skincare, particularly good for hot, dry and sensitive skin. Can also be used on greasy skin.

Properties: Relaxing, warming, de-stressing, emotionally warming.

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