Mimosa Absolute 50%, Pure Absolute & Precious Oil - 5ml


Mimosa Absolute 50%, Pure Absolute & Precious Oil - 5ml

Mimosa Absolute is diluted to 50% because if it was left as 100% it would be a solid mass and therefore unusable as an essential oil.

Species: Acacia dealbata.

Origin: India (Diluted in UK).

Extraction Process: Solvent extraction.

Perfume Note: BASE.

Extraction Description: Absolute obtained from flowers and twigs by solvent extraction, known as wattle bark.

Scent Description: Aroma is long lasting and has a deep, musky, rich, warm floral type scent. Blends well with virtually anything, but particularly Citrus Oils.

General Description: Mimosa Absolute is a useful oil for use in perfumery and aromatherapy. Its astringent and antiseptic properties make it particularly suitable for oily, sensitive and greasy skin but it is good to use on all skin types. Blend in a base cream or lotion. You can find it in our ready prepared Jasmin, Mimosa and Rosehip Cream. It also contains good relaxing and stress-releasing properties which make it a nice oil to use in massage when diluted in a carrier oil. Mimosa also has good fixative properties so is used in high grade perfumery where it lends a lovely, sweet floral scent with woody undertones.

Properties: Relaxing, astringent and antiseptic.

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