Winter Burner Blend


Winter Burner Blend

Use the following blend in a burner or add the neat oils to 500ml of cold water in a room spray and use regularly to mist the air. Both methods have the added advantage of adding a little moisture to the air at a time when central heating can be very drying. It is very useful 'all purpose' mixture that celebrates the winter festive mood but is also invigorating and effective against airborne infections.

Citrus and spice oils share several properties in common, being beneficial for the digestion and are usually warming and stimulating. Spices and citrus fruits are often linked, both in cooking and fragrance. One of the delights of using essential oils is that you can achieve an instantaneous effect, so you could make fragrant 'purses' (see fragrant purses blend) these will release their scent especially effectively in a warm room. One way of using spices is to create a mini chest or matchbox covered in pretty fabric full of dried flowers, pebbles, seed heads or cones with a few drops of blend or on a cotton wool ball and then place where you would like the scent to be.

This blend contains the following essential oils: Pine, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon and Cinnamon Leaf.

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